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Jayson Wells,


As a facilitator for Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and the Founder of Athletes On PURPOSE, an organization that guides athletes, parents, and coaches on their journeys of self-awareness and purpose, Jayson Wells brings his experience with elite teams and insights to help business leaders build winning teams by doing simple things, better. Jayson has spent the majority of his adult life traveling the world as a Professional Basketball Player and has played with, against, and collaborated with some of the most well-known professional sports leaders. Through his life journey and 13 years of professional basketball, he has gained a critical understanding of how high-performing teams function both physically and mentally.

As the author of “The Things We Know, but Do Not Do,” Jayson focuses on developing leaders to become purpose-driven individuals. Intentional leaders are armed with the tools to connect with the people they lead, which creates the team dynamics needed to drive maximum performance. Jayson is a passionate seeker of growth, a mirror of authenticity…and hates to have his name misspelled…because it’s all about the whY.

Jayson Wells