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Great leadership isn’t a mystery and neither is developing it.

Outstanding leaders effectively communicate, inspire, listen, build trust, and navigate change while aligning their team members’ efforts with organizational goals. Each of these characteristics and leadership skills can be taught, practiced, and replicated, allowing you to scale your leadership talent as your business grows.

Leadership Development tools for your organization
Develop the Leaders You’d Want to Work For

At Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, we help develop the full potential of your leaders so they can deliver even better business outcomes for your organization. Our customized assessment, training, coaching, and development solutions are designed to target the key competencies that drive leadership and business success.

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Our Offerings

Executive Coaching

Effective leaders are key to gaining a competitive edge.

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360-Degree Feedback

360-Degree Feedback assessments allow leaders to see themselves as others see them.

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Mentorship Programs

By creating a robust mentoring process, a company has the unique ability to gain added value from their employees’ knowledge and talents.

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Conflict Resolution

Create a workplace where individuals perform as a team.

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Leadership Development Program

The best way to grow your team is by investing in the talent you already have.

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Leadership Development Training

Provide your leaders with the training that enables people to succeed in the role of leadership. 

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Behavior Tendency Assessment

Our behavioral tendency assessments provide a common language, build self-awareness, and create pathways for feedback to be delivered.

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Customer Service Training

Help your team deliver stronger customer outcomes with customer skills training.

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