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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an investment, not an expense - one that pays ongoing dividends if done effectively. While most organizations craft a strategic plan each year, studies show that only 10 to 30% of organizations actually complete the goals derived from their strategic plan.

Whether it’s too many layers of complexity, failure to align budget and resources, or an inability to engage team members, a strategic plan that fails to guide daily decision-making is nothing more than a file on your shared drive. Build the road to your organization’s future with intentionality.

Help Your Leaders Craft Effective Strategic Plans

Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute will meet with leaders from your organization to learn about your specific culture, defining your strengths and challenges. We will help you define what success looks like in practical and actionable terms. We identify “must do, can’t fail” initiatives that help you break through in the coming year. And we assist in creating a living document that can be adapted as the needs of the business change and help inform important decisions.

We do this through facilitated sessions with collaborative involvement from all key stakeholders. We can leverage your market research, customer insights, performance metrics, and trends or conduct those initiatives ourselves. Using proven frameworks, tools, and templates to guide discussion and analysis, we bring your leaders through scenario planning and visioning exercises to imagine future possibilities.

Benefits of Strategic Planning

Sports coaches don’t teach players to go after the ball. Instead, they teach them to go where the ball is going to be. An effective strategic plan isn’t about documenting where you are today. It’s a vivid description of where you want to go and how you are going to get there.

Through our strategic planning approach, your business will:

  • Gain clarity on your organization's purpose and vision for the future
  • Align the entire leadership team around common goals, strategies, and initiatives
  • Identify new growth opportunities and areas for improvement
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions for the future
  • Improve execution and accountability with a clear strategic roadmap
  • Ensure the organization is focused on the most important initiatives and that those initiatives are resourced appropriately

Experienced Strategists

Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute are seasoned strategists with leadership and planning experience across a myriad of industries and organization types. We’ve honed our methodology with our parent company, the global manufacturing and consulting company, Barry-Wehmiller. We bring an outside perspective to your leaders to help you identify blind spots and opportunities you may miss.

Strategic planning goes beyond just a retreat or workshop - it's an ongoing discipline to use the plan as a filter for focus and decision-making. We set your team up for success with our deployment and engagement methodologies.

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