A Barry-Wehmiller Company

Our Approach

Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute helps organizations develop leaders who grow people and grow the business. Leaders who improve themselves, their people, and their organization.

We help you select, develop, and retain high-performing team members who align with your values. By optimizing your talent strategies, we create an environment where your people and organization can thrive.

Your Leaders Are the Difference

Chapman & Co. empowers companies to put the theory of Truly Human Leadership into practice in a way that works for your organization:

Hire the right people for the right roles

Develop outstanding and caring leaders

Improve employee engagement

Drive a shared accountability

Build a successful connection to your customers

The Process Starts With Listening to You

Chapman & Co. has worked with more than 600 organizations across a variety of industries – including airlines, manufacturers, and grocery stores – to build strong cultures that drive strong businesses. 

Just like people, no two organizations are the same. Organizations are complex. That’s why an outside viewpoint is so valuable to help analyze your current opportunities to build the culture that will make your enterprise thrive. We listen to your specific needs and help you identify your current environment, your gaps and a tailored path forward based in human behavioral science and supported by our team of consultants with Ph.Ds. in psychology.  

Then, we get to work. We don’t talk at your leaders; we work collaboratively with them to share tools and guidance to apply in their daily work. 

We'll learn your business intricacies and tailor our support accordingly. Through consistent review, we ensure a partnership that drives scalable, replicable, and sustainable impact.