Purpose and Values Discovery

Beyond profitability, why does your organization exist? What makes you distinct, unique, or better from another? Why should anyone buy from you, invest in you, recommend you, or join your organization?

Articulating your purpose and values will not only answer these questions but will further lead to consistent internal decision-making, educate clients and potential customers about what you stand for, and aid in recruiting new talent who aligns with your culture. Your organization’s purpose and values become your North Star and the ability to chart a course for the future. As such, a unified understanding of this purpose and values is foundational to growth, especially in times of great change and challenge.

The Importance of Articulating Purpose and Values for Your Organization

According to a recent PwC study, the majority (79%) of business leaders surveyed believe that an organization’s purpose is central to business success. Further, this same group shared that purpose is not used as a filter for decision-making within the organization.

With current generations five times more likely to stay with an organization that has an established purpose that they can connect to, having a clearly identified sense of purpose and values is an organizational necessity. Organizations that do this right have the potential to improve employee engagement, productivity, and retention by fostering a shared and inspiring culture grounded on a succinct purpose and reinforced with aligned values.

Define Your Purpose and Values with Chapman & Co.

Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute can help your leaders define your purpose and values in simple language that will inspire action within all levels of your organization. We ensure broad alignment in your organization by outlining a collaborative, interactive process that involves leadership, front-line team members, and other key stakeholders. Rather than sequestering marketing experts in a room and developing a catchy slogan, we deepen individual awareness and appreciation of the human attributes that contribute to an inspirational and unique culture by sharing stories that exemplify when the organization is at its best.

We can also assist you in effecting aligned change within the organization by implementing these discoveries into your HR policies, training initiatives, promotion processes, recognition programs, and beyond. This ensures that not only are your purpose and values heightened, but also seamlessly woven into your systems, decision-making processes, and overall organizational culture.

When your partner with Chapman & Co., we can help you:

  • Craft a purpose statement of the organization beyond a product and/or service
  • Articulate a set of values and their underlying behaviors
  • Deepen relationships with participants through historical accounts of the organization on its best days
  • Receive a communication and action plan to engage the organization
  • Gain training on how to use the purpose and values as a decision-making tool

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