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Leadership Development Training

Organizations often promote the best doers into the position of leadership. We don’t always acknowledge that their job has fundamentally changed. In addition to being the expert, you are now asking for them to build new experts. For established leaders or newly promoted, our leadership development courses provide the training that enables people to succeed in the role of leadership.

Our Approach to Leadership Development Training

Adults learn primarily through experience. We have designed a specialized approach to learning and development based on how adults make lasting behavior changes. Our leadership development courses are built to emphasize learner motivation by applying knowledge, skills, and tools to real-life scenarios and practical applications.

With courses covering a wide range of topics that today’s leaders face, participants can expect to learn from an expert facilitator with content built on the fundamental premise that everyone has gifts and talents that can be further developed throughout their lives.

Our leadership training programs are designed to inspire, engage, and challenge. From C-suite to frontline, we customize courses to fit your organization’s unique needs and strategic objectives.

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

When you ask someone what a great leader does, regardless of generation, industry or geographic location, the answer is the same. Outstanding leaders effectively communicate, inspire, listen, build trust, and navigate change while aligning their team member’s efforts to organization goals. Each of these characteristics and leadership skills can be taught, practiced, and replicated, allowing you to scale your leadership talent as your business grows. Topics include:


Develop better relationships and make more informed decisions


Deliver effective feedback that inspires constructive behavior change


Build resilient and high-performing teams

Organizational Communication

Engage, inform, and inspire your people

Recognition and Celebration

Appreciate your people and drive engagement

Truly Human Customer Service

Internal and external, build a culture of service

Effective Teams

Utilize the science behind why some teams outperform others

Effective Meetings

Make time with your team more effective (in-person or virtual)

Effective Projects

Lead your team to achieve goals, meet criteria, and strengthen relationships

Leading Change

Discover the roadblocks to personal and organizational change


Rethink diversity and inclusion in the workplace (4 hours)

Goal Setting

Measure what matters and align your team

Emotional Intelligence

What is it? Why does it matter? How do you develop it?


Ground and align your leadership with personal values


Increase your team’s leadership and problem-solving capacity

Written Communication

Make your point and inspire others

Presentation Skills

Make your point and inspire others


Recover faster, recharge, and build skills to handle stress and serve others

Strategic Planning

Deploy your strategic plan to gain engagement at all levels

Manage Conflict

Navigate challenging conversations


How to care for people and inspire them to do more

Leadership Training to Grow Your Organization

We’ve all worked for great leaders and toxic leaders. We know and experience the impact of inspiring and poor leadership on our own personal performance. In any organization, leadership – or lack thereof – significantly impacts both corporate culture and business outcomes. Yet when it comes to leadership training, many companies fall short of equipping leaders with the tangible skills to lead. Skills that provide many organizational benefits:

Build Long-Lasting Relationships
  • Training leaders to better communicate with team members and direct reports will lead to stronger relationships.
  • Building communication skills helps break down silos, build a positive company culture, and create capacity for difficult conversations.
Increased Productivity
  • Getting employees to have a leadership mindset can increase productivity across the board.
  • Effective leaders know how to optimize team performance. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency.
Boost Employee Engagement
  • Employees are more engaged and productive when they have strong, effective leadership.
  • Providing training shows employees that the organization values its leaders' growth.
Encourage Succession Planning
  • Developing the next generation of leaders is vital for organizational success.
  • Leadership training prepares managers to take on increasing responsibility.
Enhance alignment
  • Training helps unite leaders around company values, strategy, and culture.
  • This alignment improves consistency and focus across the organization.

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