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First impressions aren’t everything, especially when hiring.

Resumes and interviews give you insight as to where a job candidate worked, their duties, responsibilities, and education. The big unknown: what a potential hire is like on the inside that a bunch of written words or an interview can't tell you. Is their personality and the way they like to work (and even lead others) a good match for your organization’s culture and your performance expectations?

Identification Tools for Your Organization
The Science Behind Great Leaders

Instead of using guesswork and spending months or years managing a costly, poor hiring decision, get proven insight from Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute. We have the tools and expertise to help you know what to expect from a new leadership candidate. It’s the smart path to take in hiring decisions. The talent you bring in today will lead to long-term, high performance, now and into the future.

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Our Offerings

Pre-Employment Testing

Don't take chances on a hiring decision based on a job interview alone.

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Executive Assessments

Hiring or promoting top executives is a decision you need to get right the first time.

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Learning Agility Assessments

Market-leading organizations are utilizing Learning Agility as a potent predictor of leadership potential.

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Interview Training

Our Interview Training equips your team to hone their interview skills and sharpen their ability to spot top talent.

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Succession Planning

Ensure that any talent move you make is a smart one by promoting the type of leadership that continues to fuel organizational growth. 

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CEO Succession

Ensure you have the required leadership pipeline to move your business forward.

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High Potential Identification & Development

Make sure your company is developing your top talent and future leaders appropriately.

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Pre-Acquisition Assessments

Gain insight and confidence to know if an acquisition's leadership team has the capability to take the company to the next level of growth and profitability.

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