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Executive Assessments

Hiring or promoting top executives is a decision you need to get right the first time. After all, how can you tell if a person who is successful at one level of the organization has what it takes to be successful at the next level? If you promote them beyond their level of competence, it can hurt the organization as well as the individual. You could hire from the outside to fill a senior leadership role, but what happens if the person you thought was right for the job is the wrong choice? Not only do you need to be confident that they can do the job, but that they fit the culture of the organization as well.

Comprehensive Executive Testing

With our Executive Assessment, you get a comprehensive look at those individuals who will potentially fill senior-level roles in your organization. Their success is critical to the organization’s success. When they complete an Executive Assessment, you receive our High-Definition report that provides an in-depth analysis of strengths, development needs, and leadership style relative to the position. The process also includes an interview with one of our Ph.D. consultants. Executive Testing includes:

  • A comprehensive executive assessment battery including a gauge for their problem-solving, critical-thinking, and numerical-reasoning abilities along with a profile of how they perform on 10 different competencies.
  • Expert data analysis by a Ph.D. consultant.
  • In-depth interview with Ph.D. consultant.
  • Next business day debrief of the executive’s assessment results to HR/hiring-manager.
  • Custom narrative report with job-specific competency ratings and hiring or promotion recommendation.
  • Targeted follow-up interview questions.

Types of Executive Assessments

Our highly skilled Ph.D. consultants combine data and psychological insights to predict and guide future success in hiring using various types of Executive Assessments: 

Problem Solving

Evaluate an executive’s ability to understand challenges, analyze possible solutions, and make decisions based on available data and information. 

Critical Thinking

Measure analytical reasoning and logical thinking skills that allow leaders to think several moves ahead, identify trends and patterns in data, and think strategically with the big picture in mind.   

Numerical Reasoning

Assess executive-level quantitative reasoning skills and financial acumen through the ability to correctly interpret graphs, charts, and other data.  

Position-Related Competencies

Understand how your leaders will perform relative to key competencies that are critical for success on the job.  

Personality Factors

Measure the work-related traits and characteristics needed for executive success including emotional intelligence, motivation and drive, detail orientation, conflict management, and many other key success characteristics. 

Change Your Organization Through Executive Assessments

When you partner with Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute for your executive assessments, there are a number of ways it will change your organization:

Quickly identify leadership potential

Using our Executive Assessments, clients have had success rates of up to 94% on their new hires. Not only can these assessments help you save time in your executive search, they can help increase productivity as your caliber of executive improves.

Reduce executive turnover and minimize replacement costs

Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute clients have reported a reduction in turnover by as much as 50%.

Hiring and onboarding executives is a significant investment, both in terms of salary and the impact they have on your business. The total costs of replacing an employee can reach 200% of their annual salary, so reducing the need to replace them can be a significant organizational savings. Executive assessments minimize the risk of an incorrect hire by providing more detailed insights into a candidate's competencies, personality traits, and alignment with your goals and core values.

Enhanced resource allocation

Executive Assessments give you the ability to move forward effectively on business objectives rather than allocating resources to manage the results of poor hiring decisions.

Boost morale

Hiring high-performing talent elevates the effectiveness of your entire team, improving morale across the board.

Ensure cultural fit

Senior executives are role models, and they play one of the biggest parts in shaping an organization's culture. By assessing candidates before hiring them, you can better determine whether a candidate's values and working style match up with your company's culture. This reduces the likelihood of conflict and creates cohesion.

Discover skill gaps

You can uncover skill gaps that you might not be able to learn from just conducting interviews. This information is crucial for designing training programs and professional development initiatives that address these gaps.

Improve executive onboarding and development plans

Our pre-employment assessments highlight a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, which means you now know potential areas of development. You can use the results to create tailored executive onboarding processes and development plans, allowing new leaders to quickly contribute to your company. Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute can also partner with you to develop your leaders.

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