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Mentorship Programs

By creating a robust mentoring process, a company has the unique ability to gain added value from their employees’ knowledge and talents. Many companies put in place home-grown mentoring programs that often end up floundering for several reasons. Mentor-Mentee matching is haphazard; the program is unstructured leaving all parties unsure of what to do and no measurement exists to gauge ROI.

The Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute mentoring process addresses all of these issues and includes a robust Mentor-Mentee matching process, Mentor-Mentee training, and role clarification to maximize success and mid-point and end-of-program evaluations.

The Benefits of Mentoring for Leaders and Future Leaders

A soundly built and well-run mentoring program benefits both the participants and the company in the following areas:

  • Mentors grow in key leadership competencies, including developing others, providing direct, clear feedback, and becoming more self-aware
  • Mentees more clearly understand and can better apply the firm’s norms, practices, and operating priorities
  • Mentees boost their performance in management, technical, and relationship skills
  • Both the Mentee and the Mentors’ job satisfaction is increased, reducing turnover
  • The organization reduces the cost of learning or training by tapping existing resources

A successful mentoring program also increases your organization’s bank of hard-to-capture core knowledge. Your company becomes more focused and powerful as the norms and expectations that drive behavior are more widely disseminated.

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