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CEO Succession

When it comes time for a change in executive leadership, the stakes could not be higher. Your company's vision, effectiveness, and bottom line depend heavily on the quality of your Chief Executive Officer. We ensure your organization selects and prepares the ideal CEO to propel future growth.

CEO Succession Planning

One of the most business-critical decisions you can make is selecting the next person who will lead your company: the CEO.

Finding the right person for this position involves a wide range of questions. Do we have at least one or more potential successor candidates and are they ready Should we promote from within or look outside?  Do we have a good understanding of the traits and competencies needed in the next CEO and are they different, based on changing business conditions, than our outgoing CEO?

At Chapman & Co., we help you navigate this uncertainty and plan for a future that ensures the success of your business.

Our Approach to a Change in CEO Leadership

At Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, our robust CEO succession process is proven to deliver success when selecting and developing your next CEO. Our process includes:

  • A facilitated discussion with the board and current CEO around strategy, which drives the CEO's competencies and capabilities.
  • A robust assessment of internal and external CEO successor candidates including measuring followership.
  • Establishing a comprehensive development plan to round out the skills and capabilities of successor candidates.
  • Assisting the board and current CEO with the final selection and transition.

With decades of leadership training and succession experience, we act as your trusted partners during this pivotal moment. Our priority is understanding your company culture to match candidates who fit seamlessly. We navigate the transition smoothly to minimize disruption across all stakeholder groups.

The time for leadership change has arrived. Entrust your next chapter to the experts devoted to CEO succession. Contact us today to learn more and initiate your succession process.

Benefits of CEO Succession Planning

Effective CEO succession planning offers numerous advantages for your organization, ensuring a smooth transition and continued success. By proactively identifying and developing potential candidates, both internal and external, you can mitigate the risks associated with leadership change and maintain the confidence of shareholders and the leadership team.

Build Continuity

A well-executed CEO succession plan minimizes disruption by identifying and preparing the future CEO, allowing for a seamless transition that maintains the company's vision and strategy.

Develop Talent

Through a comprehensive development program, you can cultivate a pipeline of skilled internal candidates, reducing the need to rely solely on external candidates and fostering a culture of growth and advancement within your organization.

Build Confidence

By actively involving the board of directors and other C-Suite team members in the succession planning process, you can align their expectations and gain their trust in the incoming CEO, ensuring a unified front during the leadership transition.

Create Assurance

A transparent and well-communicated succession plan instills confidence in shareholders, employees, and customers, demonstrating the company's commitment to long-term stability and success. It inspires confidence in your decision-making for one of the most critical roles for your organization.

Customize Onboarding

With a thorough understanding of the future CEO's strengths and weaknesses, you can create a tailored onboarding plan that sets them up for success from day one.

Investing in CEO succession planning is a critical step in executing your company’s strategy as your CEO departs. By partnering with Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, you can leverage our expertise to identify, assess, and develop the ideal CEO candidate, ensuring a successful leadership transition and positioning your organization for continued growth and prosperity.

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