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Customer Service Training

The greatest growth opportunity for your business is with the customers you already have. Help your team deliver stronger customer outcomes with customer service training.

Customer Service Training Courses

Here's a hard truth for leaders: For at least the last decade, customers have been gaining significantly more power in their relationships with businesses. A business's financial success now requires delivering on customer expectations in one critical area that can actually set you apart - your customer experience. Through customer service training, you can arm your leaders and front-line team members with the right perspective, knowledge, and approach to drive better customer engagement and outcomes.

Types of Customer Service Training

Chapman & Co’s customer training modules are designed to develop the customer service skills necessary to deliver a powerful customer experience and drive greater loyalty.

Customer Service Training

Most traditional customer service methods are overly focused on “customer-centricity” above all else, using efficiency as the sole success metric. Chapman & Co. goes beyond this limited methodology and instead focuses on “people-centricity,” which recognizes that both team members and customers are critical to a culture of service. It also focuses on customer satisfaction and loyalty as the primary metrics of success. Our customer service training equips your employees with the mindset, tools, and coaching needed to resolve customer issues and deliver exceptional customer service, while feeling empowered, engaged, and cared for in their role.

Customer Loyalty Training

Earning loyalty has never been harder. Too often when companies first get serious about customer loyalty, they fall into a rational mindset that assumes that the only way to drive customer commitment is to pay for it. But when loyalty is done right, customers are actually willing to pay more, not less. Chapman & Co.’s customer loyalty training provides a framework for customer connection that goes beyond price or convenience and instead activates loyalty through the experience you create, the values you share, and the sense of community you build in order to drive a superior competitive advantage for your business.

Customer Experience Training

According to a 2020 Salesforce.com study, the majority of US consumers - more than 75% - now rank their experience with a business as equal in importance to the products or services offered. B2B customers are even more influenced, with 85% agreeing that the experience was of equal importance to the product or service. The experience you offer becomes the stories customers tell about you that help build and reinforce your brand. Our customer experience training will expand the way your team thinks about creating a shared customer and employee culture, optimizing results for everyone in your brand ecosystem.

Chapman & Co. Customer Service Training Course Offerings

Truly Human Customer Experience

Create lasting customer connection that embraces the fundamental principle that “Customers are human beings first.”

Buyer's Brain

Understand the psychology of the engaged customer.

Truly Human Customer Service

Connect team members and customers to create a culture of service.


Discover the power of Truly Human Service through game-based learning.

Loyalty Foundations

Attract and keep raving fans for your brand.

The Loyal Brain

Learn the science of human behavior you need to know to build loyalty.

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