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Korn Ferry Leadership Assessments by Chapman & Co.

As experts in Korn Ferry leadership assessment tools and competencies, our team can help you design and deliver high-potential and learning agility assessments as well as 360 feedback programs.

Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential

Korn Ferry has carried out extensive research and found that all high-potential leaders are marked by seven essential signposts that indicate their likelihood of future success. Overall, the clearer the signal on the greatest number of attributes, the better the odds that she or he will exhibit superior leadership performance.

Identifying such high-potential leaders early lets an organization deliberately develop future executives so that when a need arises, someone with the requisite ability is prepared to step up to the challenge.

You need to spot your rising stars, identify the skills you have, and recognize the skills you need. Our assessments give you a clear picture of the talent and potential in your organization right now. We’re known for uncovering future leaders, often before your people or their managers spot the potential themselves. Here’s how we uncover your talent.

The Korn Ferry leadership assessment focuses on the following areas: An Individual’s Drivers, Job-Relevant Experience, Self-Awareness, Learning Agility, Leadership Traits, Capacity, and Derailment Risks.

Objectively evaluate leadership potential

Utilize Korn Ferry’s global scope and scale to accurately identify the individuals who can lead within your organization.

Invest in the right individuals

Measure the critical components of leadership potential so you can invest in the right talent and target the right areas for development.

Take decisive action

Assess leadership potential for a role or at a specific level, so that when a need arises, someone with the requisite ability is prepared to step up to the challenge.

Deliver Feedback and Coaching to Assessment Participants

Give leaders (or potential leaders) the tools necessary to give them the perspective they need to live up to the attributes that encourage superior leadership performance.

Learning Agility

Learning agility, sometimes described as “knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do”, requires an open and receptive mindset. Those who demonstrate strong “learning agility” often excel at being able to study, analyze, and understand new situations and new business problems.

In unpredictable business environments buffeted by constant change, adaptation, and evolution, organizations increasingly need talent with learning agility capabilities to move forward and successfully negotiate volatile times.

The 5 Factors of Learning Agility

Korn Ferry® has identified 5 factors of a learning-agile person:

Mental Agility

How a person embraces complexity, examines problems in unique ways, is inquisitive, and can make fresh connections between different concepts.

People Agility

How a person is open-minded towards others, enjoys interacting with a diversity of people, understands them, and works with them effectively to accomplish organizational goals.

Change Agility

How an individual drives change and continuously explores new options and solutions is an indicator of being learning agile.

Results Agility

How a person is motivated by challenge and can deliver results in new and first-time situations.


How someone has personal insight, clearly understands their abilities, is free of blind spots, and uses this knowledge to perform effectively.


How a person performs on these measures determines if they are agile learners. Studies have repeatedly shown that the ability to learn from experience is what differentiates successful executives from unsuccessful ones. These highly learning-agile individuals are your future leaders. They have a curiosity about the world, an enthusiasm to experience new things, have excellent “people skills,” and possess a high tolerance for ambiguity.

For a high potential to move into new functional areas, stretch assignments, and unchartered waters, they must leverage their learnings and figure out what to do when they don’t know what to do.

Chapman & Co. Learning Agility Assessments

Organizations utilize our learning agility assessments in the selection process of future leaders, for leadership development of existing leaders, or to identify high potentials for succession planning efforts.

We offer Learning Agility Assessments by Korn Ferry® to help you align your talent to the right roles and ensure that you have accurately identified your pool of high potentials.

High Potential Identification and Development

Looking internally to fill an open role? Take the guesswork out of identifying your high potentials with our comprehensive assessment process which includes a measure for Learning Agility.

Korn Ferry 360 (KF360)

The KF360 is an online evaluation by Korn Ferry that rates an individual on 38 Business Competencies and 10 Career Stallers and Stoppers. This multi-rater assessment provides the participant with insights and feedback from the supervisor, direct reports, and colleagues.

Often these tools may uncover that the competencies required for performance today are not the same ones that will lead to future leadership success. Our 360-Degree Feedback survey, debriefed by our Ph.D. consultants, provides deep insights needed to drive change. When paired with our growth planning process, leaders can walk about with a clear roadmap for growth.

Organizational success depends on strong leadership. Our process allows leaders to see themselves as others see them. It provides your leaders with candid feedback on important skills and competencies, as rated by the people who work with them every day, so they can learn, grow, and enhance their skills.

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