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Learning Agility Assessments

Market-leading organizations are utilizing Learning Agility as a potent predictor of leadership potential. Learning Agility is the willingness and ability to learn from one’s experience and then apply that learning to new experiences. It’s a key attribute of those who successfully navigate upward through the organizational hierarchy.

How to Distinguish Learning Agility in Leaders

Some individuals are going to chart their career path as deep technical experts. They excel in their functional area and are by all accounts “top performers” in their organizations. You can spot these professionals since they do well in situations similar to what they have done in the past (and they enjoy being experts).

Those who focus on breadth, on the other hand, tend to get bored more easily and need variety and new challenges. They excel in new situations by using what they learned in previous situations and adapting it to fit the current situation and business environments.

The 5 Factors of Learning Agility

Korn Ferry® has identified 5 factors of a person with an affinity for learning agility. How a person performs on these factors determines if they are agile learners.

Mental Agility

How a person embraces complexity, examines problems in unique ways, is inquisitive, and can make fresh connections between different concepts.

People Agility

How a person is open-minded towards others, enjoys interacting with a diversity of people, understands them, and works with them effectively to accomplish organizational goals.

Change Agility

How an individual drives change and continuously explores new options and solutions is an indicator of being learning agile.

Results Agility

How a person is motivated by challenge and can deliver results in new and first-time situations.


How someone has personal insight, clearly understands their abilities, is free of blind spots, and uses this knowledge to perform effectively.

Essential Skills in Your Future Leaders

Studies have repeatedly shown that the ability to learn from experience is what differentiates successful executives from unsuccessful ones. These highly learning-agile individuals are your future leaders. They have a curiosity about the world, an enthusiasm to experience new things, have excellent “people skills,” and possess a high tolerance for ambiguity.

For a high potential to move into new functional areas, stretch assignments, and unchartered waters, they must leverage their learnings and figure out what to do when they don’t know what to do.

Organizations utilize our learning agility assessments in the selection process of future leaders, for leadership development of existing leaders, or to identify high potentials for succession planning efforts.

We offer Learning Agility Assessments by Korn Ferry® to help you align your talent to the right roles and ensure that you have accurately identified your pool of high potentials.

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