Workplace Culture Surveys

A voice for employees. Insights for executives. A path forward for leaders. Get data related to your organization’s strengths and opportunities with workplace culture surveys from Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute.

Organizational Culture Surveys

Successful organizations understand culture is a competitive advantage. Company culture has the power to impact every facet of an organization from inclusivity and wellbeing to productivity and innovation. However, developing a plan to provide and promote a positive work environment and measuring the effectiveness of your culture can be difficult to do. Grounded in research and validated in various industries, our culture survey identifies practical and actionable feedback to help move your business forward.

Why Does Workplace Culture Matter?

The benefits of a strong organizational culture are numerous: improved financial performance, a sense of inclusivity and belonging, great customer service, engaged employees, more effective teams, higher employee retention, and increased innovation – to name a few. These results are driven by an inspired workforce. And inspired employees have the power to transform a negative corporate culture, where people are afraid to ask questions, take chances, or ask for help, into a positive workplace where employees feel valued and are motivated to do their best work. The Fortune 100 Best Places to Work proves this – those on the list outperform the S&P 500 by 59.39%.

How Do I Improve Company Culture?

The first step towards improving your company culture is knowing where to devote your resources. Employee feedback is key to understanding how your work environment is perceived and identifying current strengths and opportunities. The best way to gather team member perspectives and measure employee satisfaction is through employee engagement surveys or work culture surveys. Organizational culture surveys offer insight into the employee experience. This feedback is then used to uncover why employees are dissatisfied and develop action that drives meaningful change in your organization.

How Do Chapman & Co. Organizational Culture Surveys Work?

Normally, cultural surveys require a heavy lift of time and effort from your leaders, often without a clear understanding of how to manage the results after completion. Chapman & Co. takes care of everything for you through our turn-key process designed to support your team from survey set-up through action planning. We’ll work with you to tailor our workplace culture survey to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Running a survey is an act of engagement itself, which is why we’ll equip your organization with the communication and resources necessary to drive participation and increase response rates. While your leaders run the business, we run the survey. When the survey ends, our work together has just begun. Our skilled Data Analytics Team sifts through the details to extract meaningful insights and turn them into actionable data, which we review in-depth with your team.

Survey results are provided in an interactive data dashboard designed to help you easily understand how employees perceive their work environment. The data can be segmented by demographics such as department and shift time and compared to better understand how cultural experiences differ across your business. After identifying the trends impacting your company culture, we’ll equip your leaders with a detailed action planning guide to help your team formulate the next steps to drive change in your organization.

Go Beyond Data Collection

You’re not investing in a robot, you’re building a partnership. Chapman & Co.’s services don’t stop at data collection. Our team of consultants is prepared to support your organization every step of the way. We’ll not only recommend the next steps for your organization, but we can support you in taking action and improving business performance. Based on the results, we build a customized approach. Whether it’s training your leaders, crafting a strategic plan, developing high-performing teams, or instilling a more inclusive environment, we build the company culture you want to work in.

Measure what matters

While the majority of culture surveys and assessments focus on measuring engagement (the number of people doing the work), our instrument focuses on inspiration (the number of people who want to do the work).

Understand how work gets done

Get insight into those systems and processes causing the most frustration – and accordingly, cause a drag on your culture and business. By leveraging this tool, you earn more than just a culture score. We will build a path together towards your long-term strategic goals.

Align your organization

Performance over time requires disparate functions, teams, locations, and tenure levels to share a unified set of goals and priorities. By viewing results by department, team, or function you’ll find the points of disconnection and where to spend time and resources.

Track your progress

Chapman & Co. offers Pulse Surveys so you can stay on top of your progress. Leverage quick and actionable feedback on employee sentiment over time to understand what’s going on in your business in real-time.

Make data-driven decisions

In addition to assessing your culture, our team of data experts offers a variety of survey modules to help leaders make informed decisions for themselves, their team, and the business. Be it an upcoming strategy session, the next annual gathering, or a cohort development program, we know that the time your team spends together is incredibly valuable. Chapman & Co. can help to gather critical data to inform and shape these discussions with the insights that matter most on your team and in your business.

Survey with Chapman & Co.

Whether you’re already surveying your employees, trying to find a good survey to use, or just exploring the idea of workplace culture surveys, Chapman & Co. is here to help. We’re your partners in building a better workplace. For more information on our company survey options and consultation services, contact our organizational excellence experts today!

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