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Interview Training

Identify, hire, and promote the best candidates. Equip your leaders with the skills to identify the right talent for your business during the hiring process. Chapman & Co.’s proven behavior-based methods allow you to remove bias from your hiring and promotions so you can select the best people for your company.

The Problem with Interviews

If you ask most managers how good they are at interviewing, they will probably reply, “Great, above average.” But their hiring track record tells a different story. In fact, the hiring success rate for most managers is in the 50/50 range. Half the time they hire right, and the other half of the time a person is brought in who either underperforms or eventually has to be let go.

The other issue is that most leaders think on their feet, so they try to do the same when hiring. That’s why most of them make up their mind about a candidate in the first three minutes of an interview. The rest of the time is spent justifying their decision with vague, generic questions like: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” These canned questions are usually met with canned answers: “I’m a perfectionist and I work hard.”

How to Make Better Hiring Decisions

Every component of your company’s success depends on your people. Recruiting impacts profitability in the requirement of time, effort, and resources. Research clearly demonstrates that structured, standardized behavior interviews are significantly more accurate in predicting who will be successful on the job versus the typical unstructured interview conducted by most hiring managers. Since interviews are the single most common technique to help organizations hire the right people, doesn’t it make sense to teach your leaders how to do it more effectively?

In our interactive Interview Training course, participants learn proven techniques to prepare for interviews. They also learn the tools of asking non-leading questions that get specific, informative answers that provide real candidate insights to inform hiring decisions.

Interview Training Benefits

Chapman & Co. teaches a proven model of interviewing to help your team make better hires. Through our training, participants will walk away with:

Expanded Learning
  • A better understanding of the true costs of a bad hire.
  • A new framework called “C.A.R.” (calibrate, assess, review), which will transform their interview practices.
  • An understanding of behavior-based interviewing and how best to use it.
Practical Skills
  • Techniques to avoid leading questions.
  • Best practices on how to thoroughly vet a resume and red flags to watch for.
  • Tips on how to manage pre-interview bias.
  • Techniques for evaluating and deciding which candidate is ideal for the role.
Tangible Resources
  • Guidelines on what questions to avoid during the interview.
  • Real-world stories of how these interview practices have impacted organizations.
  • A “Roadmap To Success” in the form of a cheat sheet that will help them implement the C.A.R. system at work.
  • A workbook they can utilize to put their new skills into practice.

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