A Barry-Wehmiller Company

Case Study: Coca Cola Peninsula Beverages

Establish new company values and eliminate workplace toxicity

  • 1400 team members
  • $250M in Revenue
  • Globally recognized as one of the best bottlers in the world

The Opportunity

  • Assess the current state of the organization’s culture, opportunities to evolve, and the culture’s strengths and areas of frustration
  • Select a new set of core values as well as a more inspirational purpose building on the core values of CCPB team members
  • Identify and address areas of the organization where there were elevated levels of cultural toxicity

Our Approach

Despite a strong culture and a talented senior leadership team, Coca Cola Peninsula Beverage (CCPB) felt a deep desire to evolve their organization from simply “good” to an endearing organization with a deep sense of purpose. Despite economic headwinds and an unstable political environment, CCPB committed to a more structured and disciplined way to measure their culture. They began the work to align company values to the values of those in their span of care, improve operational efficiency (thereby reducing workplace frustration), and invest in leadership development. The first step was engaging Chapman & Co. to implement the Barrett Values Centre Culture Values Assessment. Leveraging key insights from the report, CCPB went on to implement:

  • Employee Focus Groups to gain a deeper understanding of assessment results
  • A new purpose statement: “To refresh our communities, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value, and make a difference that matters”
  • Individual Purpose and Values Discovery for each positional leader
  • Leadership 360 Assessment for each member of the senior leadership team
  • Multiple How to Build High Performing Teams workshops to reduce silo mentality and increase collaboration
  • Custom curated benchmarking tours for the senior leadership team to visit organizations considered to have an endearing culture
  • Investment in CCPB University to provide leadership development across the organization, including Chapman & Co content: Relate, Inspire, and Improve

The Result

  • Culture Values Assessment results indicate the extent of frustration and unproductive energy, measured in an index called entropy, has reduced from 22% to 16%
  • Lost Time Injuries is down to 1.4 incidents per 200,000 hours worked from 4.4 in 2011 (when their cultural work began)
  • Efficiencies (as measured by water and energy usage) have improved by 5% per year for the last 5 years
  • Assessment also indicates functional leaders who previously felt disempowered are aligned with the senior leadership team

Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages
I knew it would be good. But none of us on the leadership team realized the impact that it would have on people’s day-to-day lives. It’s not just a fancy thing that’s up on the board for Chapman & Co.; they live it out.
Bryn Morse
Human Resources Director