Recorded Webinar: The Untapped Connection Between Customer Retention and Employee Experience

Great leaders know they have a responsibility for the employees in their span of care, but what about their customers? In an economy where choice is abundant and earning attention is a challenge, leaders need to be more intentional than ever before to drive true customer loyalty.

To that end, Chapman & Co. is excited to announce our expansion into the Customer Loyalty industry, led by our new Principal, Barry Kirk, a recognized expert and thought leader in the loyalty marketing space.

Learn more and explore the evolving field of customer loyalty through insights from new C&Co. market research that will answer:

  • What is the Loyalty Empathy Effect and why is it a win-win for customers and employees?
  • What are the 5 key science-based drivers of customer loyalty?
  • How does my company’s culture and values impact my ability to build customer loyalty?

Facilitators: Dawn Schillinger and Barry Kirk

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