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Humanize Your Hiring Process with Pre-Employment Testing

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At Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, we believe that placing the right person in the right role is the most caring act of leadership.

Hiring and promotion decisions are critical to the success of your business and your leaders. That’s why we developed our pre-hire and promotion assessment tools that combine Ph.D. insights and state-of-the-art assessments to effectively evaluate the right candidate for your organization and role.

In this episode of the Truly Human Leadership Podcast, our Managing Partner, Sara Hannah, interviewed Carol O’Neill, of BW Packaging, to hear her experience with pre-employment testing and its impact on both their business and their leaders. Then, Chapman & Co. Partner, Melinda Bremley, Ph.D., provides insights into what pre-hire and promotion assessments are, how they can be used in your hiring and promotion processes, and the benefits they bring to both your organization and the potential candidate.

Listen through the link below and understand how you can implement pre-employment testing to humanize your hiring process and increase the effectiveness of your new and promoted leaders.

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