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Leadership in Times of Transition

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As we consolidate our Leadership Alliance brand under Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, we’re experiencing first-hand the impact of organizational change.  

Change can be difficult, but through effective leadership it also can present opportunities for growth and development. In this episode of the Truly Human Leadership Podcast, Chapman & Co. Senior Partner, David Weller, Ph.D., and Partner, Karen Weller, Ph.D., talk about their experiences as leaders during a time of significant change and transition. After building the Leadership Alliance brand and business for 25 years, they are thoughtfully leading their team into an integrated Chapman & Co. future.

On this podcast, you’ll hear David and Karen explain all the factors they considered in their decision-making process. Listen to discover how they kept both their people and their business in the forefront of making one of their most critical business decisions – the future of their legacy.

You can listen to this podcast through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Audible or through YouTube below:

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