Recorded Webinar: Revert or Revise, How Will Consumers Adapt Their Behavior in the Post-Pandemic Economy?

The past year greatly disrupted business models and customer routines. Fortunately, we are inching closer to a fully open economy every day. But as customers emerge, are they simply going to revert back to their pre-COVID-19 ways, or will they revise their behaviors and preferences in favor of a new path?


This session will help you understand:

  • If customers plan to resume “business as usual” where they left off in 2019, or if the market needs to prepare for permanently altered habits
  • Where brand loyalty intersects emerging customer behaviors
  • How behavioral science can lay the groundwork for predicting how your customers will act in the coming months
  • What steps your company needs to take today, in order to nimbly adjust to changing customer demands


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