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As consultants to a range of organizations big and small, for profit and non-profit, and in a wide-array of global industries, we’re fortunate to continually learn and iterate what we do. We’ve combined these learnings with our latest thinking on the issues that matter most in business, leadership, and culture to develop resources for you and your team.

6 Key Drivers of Improving Employee Engagement Remotely or in the Office

Using these six key drivers and three practices increases the likelihood that your employees will feel committed to their goals and the organization.

6 Steps to Effectively Use a Culture Survey

Culture assessments are diagnostic in nature, and effectively using a culture survey requires proper communication, implementation, and action; the result of which is a stronger culture.

Nelson Mandela and Springboks Team 1995 World Cup

Diversity and Inclusion: A South African Viewpoint

Prioritizing diversity and inclusion within your organization leads to high-performing teams and stronger team connections.

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A Leader’s Guide to Measuring Workplace Inclusion

If you recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion from both a betterment of humanity and business perspective, how do you actually know how your organization is measuring in these areas?

3 Tools to Measure Your Company Culture

Every team experiences changes, and point-in-time measures are an indication of whether your culture is improving or not.

How to Improve Team Dynamics Through the Computer

Leaders have a significant opportunity to influence and inspire team member’s willingness to contribute which affects the overall team dynamic.

Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

Research shows that diversity of thinking is a wellspring of creativity, enhancing innovation and enabling groups to spot risks.

How to Bring Your Team Together in the New Normal

Preparing to return to work in advance can help your people with the adjustment.

6 Elements of Emotional Intelligence That Support Your People

Focusing on six elements of emotional intelligence enables you to respond in a productive way to support your employees and your business.

Working through Change Management

The greatest change management strategy is building a change-ready culture.

How to Recognize the People Who Make it Happen

Bridging the “social distance” with recognition.

There Is a Precedent: Past Action Can and Should Inform Future Decision Making

How an organization came together during the downturn (and is doing it again).

Becoming Your Organization’s Chief Listening Officer

In times of uncertainty, one of the best things you can do for your team members and colleagues is to simply be present and listen.

Building Trust During COVID-19

As we navigate so much uncertainty, one thing is clear: how we react, what we decide and the communications we send will either build or erode trust. It won’t be neutral.

3 Steps to Avoid Layoffs

How shared sacrifice can save your business (and your culture).

New to Working From Home? 8 Tips to Support Your Transition

How to remain productive from someone who made the transition 10 months ago.

As Your Organization Reacts to the Coronavirus, Ask These 5 Questions

Legacies are built during hard times. Legacies are built in the decisions you make today.

Truly Human Acquisition

How to humanize the acquisition process to increase business success and buy-in from the most important part of any business deal: the people.

How Management Can Build Trust in the Organization

A leader’s ability to build trust in relationships, teams, and throughout the organization has a profound impact on the company.

The Connection Between Work Performance and Employee Satisfaction

This approach calls leaders to focus on articulating purpose, giving employees some degree of autonomy in their work, and tracking progress in that work.

Leadership Assessments: A How-To Guide

The importance of leadership requires each of to keep driving to be a better version of ourselves for the people around us.

The Importance of Measuring Organizational Culture

Measurement gives real-time data on what is working in your culture and what is not.

The Key to Intentional Corporate Team Building

If you want to design a team building activity that changes behaviors, you must first address the most critical part of building a team: psychological safety.

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Rethinking Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Training that focuses on building inclusive environments requires an honest and truthful look at ourselves first.

Lead Change Management by Understanding Your Team

Lead Change Management by Understanding Your Team

Before you lead your people through change, it helps when you understand how people process it.

How to Build Trust in Any Organization or Team

How to Build Trust in Any Organization or Team

High performance in organizations and teams occurs when you have all four components of trust. Learn what they are.

6 Steps to Building Corporate Culture

6 Steps to Building Corporate Culture

Caring for people and being accountable to your business is possible.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Feedback Works

3 Ways to Ensure Your Feedback Works

We give feedback with the goal that a behavior change occurs and the recipient can do more, do better, or do differently.