Case Study: American Airlines

  • $44.5B in Revenue
  • 130,000 Team Members
  • 500,000 Customers Served Daily
“It's not something that's purely rooted in theory but theory translated into a practical modality that is understandable and relatable by everybody. The immediate effects of increased leadership engagement, increased understanding and increased commitment to a purpose is driven directly by our work with Chapman & Co.”
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– Thomas Rajan
Managing Director, Talent Strategy and People Development of American Airlines

The Opportunity

Ensure all 130,000 team members feel cared for

Align senior leadership team behind newly establish Leadership Attributes

Redefine American’s purpose beyond being the World’s Largest Airline

The Result

Senior leadership commitment to develop each positional leader, including company officers

Holistic integration of Leadership Attributes into custom built curriculum

Increased survey scores in the following categories 2017 vs. 2018:

  • My manager would support me if I made a mistake
  • My manager thanks or recognizes me when I do good work
  • My manager is open to hearing my thoughts or ideas
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