Everybody Matters



A Documentary Short Film Based on the Best Selling Book. This documentary short chronicles the story of Barry-Wehmiller and its focus more on people, purpose and performance. Hear from CEO Bob Chapman, author Raj Sisodia and the people behind Barry-Wehmiller’s transformation from a mid-size Saint Louis manufacturer to a diversified, global organization known for its culture.


Bob Chapman, considered by Inc Magazine to be one of the top CEOs in the world is revolutionizing how we think about the places we work and the power of business to transform our society. His concept of Truly Human Leadership challenges organizations to consider- why aren’t more companies treating their employees like family? The film introduces the audience to Chapman’s company Barry-Wehmiller and walks us through its troubled early history and the resulting impact of re-focusing on people and culture. The story of a $100 million manufacturing company, started in 1885, and it’s transformation into a $3 billion worldwide enterprise through 110+ acquisitions is a required case study for students at Harvard Business School. Hear first hand how it happened and how you can inspire your own organization.

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