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Chapman & Co. specializes in helping organizations unleash the power of human potential. We were built to share the culture transformation of our parent company, Barry-Wehmiller, and CEO Bob Chapman; we are driven to inspire positive change and growth for our clients.

Our Virtual Classroom connects our leadership training, assessments, and workshops with you, virtually. If there were ever a time that demands rapid adaptation and learning, it is now. This platform was designed especially for what you’re facing next. A customized learning and development solution that fits your organization’s urgent and long-term needs.

  • Ideas and practices that can be put into action immediately
  • Designed for individuals or an entire team for continuity and shared experience
  • Curriculum designed to be completed within 3 months
  • Delivered virtually for easy, remote access
  • Collaborative and interactive
  • Cost effective — so everyone can access critical learning
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We Know Leadership for Today

Traditional leadership skills are still required, and now leaders are also expected to navigate increased ambiguity and complexity and to elevate their people skills–quickly. Topics like culture, diversity, trust and transparency are more important than ever and leaders need to adapt to ever-changing customer and workforce expectations.

At Chapman & Co. we continuously create and adapt new learning programs to develop future-ready leaders and help organizations thrive.

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We Know Leading People Through Change

Change runs deep within us, with our roots lying with our parent company Barry-Wehmiller, an organization known for 110+ successful acquisitions and integrations and for ongoing culture transformation. We were built to help other organizations succeed in times of change and uncertainty.

We’re here to keep you ahead of the constant change.

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We Know How People & Organizations Learn

Knowing adults learn primarily through experience, we developed a specialized approach to learning and development that leads to lasting behavior changes.

Because we all process information differently, our programs offer a variety of tools to fit the many ways of communicating, processing and retaining information. We empower participants with resources designed to be shared beyond the classroom — improving overall practices and the long-term health of the organization.

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Benefits of Virtual


Though we are firm believers in bringing people together, we know it’s nearly impossible to do so right now. And maybe that’s a good thing, because virtual learning:

• Maximizes training budgets
• Reduces total instruction time
• Eliminates travel
• Provides flexible, self-directed learning
• Is easily customized for immediate needs
• When done well, it still allows for the human interaction that is critical to learning.

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Leadership Topics and Tracks


Organizations often promote the best doers into the position of leadership. We don’t always acknowledge that their job has fundamentally changed. In addition to being the expert, you are now asking them to build new experts. For established leaders or the newly promoted, our leadership development courses provide the training that enables people to succeed in the role of leadership. Paired with technical skill development in continuous improvement, customer service, strategy and decision making, our curriculum is available to mix and match for every role in your organization.

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How it Works


Subscribe as an individual, team, or entire organization. All coursework is available to everyone with a license. We partner with you to identify a custom path based on role as well as topical focus areas. Curriculum are designed to be completed within three months with multiple opportunities to attend each session live and recordings for when our schedule does not match yours. Included for all participants:

  • Communication templates for internal promotion
  • Custom curriculum pathways designed to match your leadership competencies, development frameworks and role specific skills
  • Digital worksheet, tools, and learning sustainment
  • Multiple interactive formats designed for how adults learn and all communication profiles

"Your virtual training added enormous value, focus and assistance in navigating changing circumstances, not only for us in our company, but also in helping our clients do the same. Not only did you provide practical content, but you guys set the benchmark for professional presentation and audience engagement - just brilliant."

– Managing Partner

"Beyond how great the information was, the flow was 5 star as usual. It felt so good to hear from experts. I am always so impressed with your team's relentless commitment to people."

– CEO & President

"The content is very helpful now and will be in the future. Also, thank you for the additional work sheets that will help us become a better company as we move forward. What you provided allows me to move from panic and worry to a place that allows us to develop a path forward."

– Practice Leader

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