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Amy Gwin

Director of Client Engagement



Amy is the Director of Client Engagement here at Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute. Her stated purpose is to put people at the center of business. She has a passion for working with organizations to manage change and build culture through unique leadership development, employee experience and communications. It’s well-known today that companies where people thrive are the healthiest, most resilient organizations. They are the companies that innovate, embrace change, and attract great talent. This is what Amy is committed to helping clients achieve.

Amy has worked with iconic global companies like Virgin Hotels, Equifax and Southwest Airlines to shape cultures that impact brand and business outcomes. She has also helped leaders of small and midsized organizations to build strong foundations for growth. With an extensive career in brand and strategic communications agencies and a degree in journalism from the University of Northern Colorado β€” she is continuously bringing people together around shared ideas and purpose.



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