Organizational Culture Survey



Research shows that having a high performing culture leads to a higher performing business. The first step to improving your culture is assessing its current state. We can help.

Our unique survey gives you feedback into three distinct areas: 

  • Feedback on your people (behaviors)
  • How your people align to the goals of the organization
  • Feedback on how the work is structured

These insights help you understand how inclusive your workplace is and how you communicate.

Organizations with strong cultures experience:


greater share-price increase.


less employee turnover.


greater customer satisfaction levels.

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Go beyond engagement; measure the environment, employee's alignment to the organization's goals, and how the work gets done. Divider

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Detailed results in a matter of minutes.

58 questions, research backed and proven by industry. Plus, customizable open-ended specific questions. These specific questions measure potential limitations such as diversity and inclusion, process improvement, what holds people back from having more candid conversations, and more. 



Actionable information at a glance.

All culture is local. Understand where your organization has pockets of high performance and where improvements can be made. Understand where resources can be allocated immediately.

Read about the benefits of evaluating your organization holistically.

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Built for your organization, fully accessible.

Our survey is designed with your people in mind. From mobile devices to desktop, email or no email, your entire organization will be represented.


Prepare your leaders to receive the feedback.

Only 2% of professionals receive training on how to listen. If you run a survey and your team isn’t prepared to receive the data, change will not happen. We will equip your leaders with the knowledge and skills to take action. 

See training here.

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Insights and next steps.

We don’t just assess your organization, we’re a consultancy. Get our insights and recommendations on how to take action on the data in order to move forward in a holistic and unified way.

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"The investment in Chapman & Co. is the best business investment we've ever made."

– Sales Leader

"This turned everything I thought into now everything I know. I knew we were broken, I just didn't know where and what."

– President and CEO

"The entire process was effective based on the people from Chapman & Co. leading, guiding and coaching. This began with setting the stage for success and continued through action planning."

– President

Take the first step in improving your culture.

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