The Power of Candor


Delivering effective feedback lives at the intersection of caring personally and the courage to challenge directly. When done correctly, it increases receptivity and drives trust. In a word, candor. To varying degrees, people act out of self-interest and self-preservation. While selfish members win within groups, groups of altruists prevail over groups of selfish members.  

Receiving and giving feedback fuels human performance. If you want people on your team to do more, do better, and do different – in other words, change – create the environment in which your feedback is more likely to be received. 

This experience is designed to provide insights into how you create an environment where candor is practiced and welcomed by all employees. Attendees will leave the session with a completed feedback message that follows an easily replicated formula that will help facilitate candor throughout the entire organization. As an option, we can also combine this talk with our Organizational Culture Survey which measures the degree to which candor is present in your organization. 

Participants will:

  • Understand the benefits of candor in the workplace
  • Learn the science and technique to building an environment of feedback
  • Practice crafting a developmental and appreciative feedback message 

Intended Audience:  All employees

Duration: Available as a 45 minute keynote or a 4-hour workshop


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