Relate: Advanced Communication Skills


The strength of your organization or team is directly related to the strength of the individual relationships within. Strong relationships fuel greater collaboration, help people navigate through change, increase fulfillment, and reduce conflict. Relationships are built, re-built, and nurtured through conversation. While many leaders have focused on learning how to better transmit information through the development of speech, debate, and presentation skills, most have not spent equal effort learning how to listen in a way that values people, actualizes care, and leads to greater discernment. Learning this leadership skill has the power to transform your corporate culture as well as close the gap between leadership and management.


  • Empower others through the skill of empathetic listening
  • Deliver feedback that is clear and better received
  • Build and preserve relationships when behavior change is needed
  • Learn recognition and celebration practices to encourage desired behaviors¬†

Intended Audience: All employees

Duration: Available in a 1- or 2-day format


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