Organizational Culture Survey

Align your people, purpose and processes for a better company and a better culture.


Successful organizations understand culture is a competitive advantage. However, developing a plan and measuring the effectiveness of your culture can be difficult to do. Grounded in research and validated in various industries, our survey identifies practical and actionable feedback in the three key areas that drive both your culture and business: people, purpose and process. 

  • People: Do people feel both challenged and cared for in a way that builds trust and increases performance?
  • Purpose: Are people inspired to achieve the organization’s goals?
  • Process: Are team member efforts and business processes aligned to deliver results?

From small teams to large organizations, our culture survey can be tailored to any size group. Our quantitative approach and proven methods enable you to measure and achieve your strategic goals plus sustain long-term performance.


Measure what matters: While the majority of culture surveys and assessments focus on measuring engagement (the number of people doing the work), our instrument focuses on inspiration (the number of people who want to do the work).

Understand how work gets done: Get insight into those systems and processes causing the most frustration – and accordingly, cause a drag on your culture and business. By leveraging this tool, you earn more than just a culture score. We will build a path together towards your long term strategic goals.

Align your organization: Performance over time requires disparate functions, teams, location, and tenure levels to share a unified set of goals and priorities. By viewing results by department, team, or function you’ll find the points of disconnection and where to spend time and resources.


How we work with you:  

  • Pre-Survey: Communication on the value of participating in the culture survey to encourage engagement from your team members.
  • Survey Administration: Inspire team members to provide honest and specific feedback.
  • Post-Survey: Analyze results to surface actionable insights and build an action plan.


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