Lead Through Change


Organizations and teams that thrive during times of uncertainty and embrace innovation have leaders who understand how people process change and how to lead them through it. These are teams that regardless of the obstacles in front of them, find ways to accomplish what other teams find seemingly impossible. However leading people through change, in any organization, can be difficult. It’s even more challenging if you don’t understand how your people process change. Regardless of industry, culture, generation, or work experience, we discovered that how each person processes change is strongly dependent on the context they have. Leaders must first understand and ask for this context. Chapman & Co. can help lead your team through activities that build trust and compassion between team members.

The next step is leading through the change. While a lot of change management processes focus on the communication to transmit, Chapman & Co. takes a different approach and encourages leaders to first listen. By asking for team members’ opinions and concerns, listening values the individual and helps them lean into necessary changes of the business. And in doing so, you as the leader will receive valuable insights that could either accelerate or derail the change process. 

Participants will:

  • Understand how people process change
  • Deepen team trust and understanding through a change exercise
  • Learn the skill of empathetic listening and its role in change management
  • Gain the leadership skill of leading through change 

Intended Audience: All employees 

Duration: 90-minute keynote, half- or full day workshop


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