Korn Ferry Leadership 360


Knowing what’s important to us and the people in our span of care is key to developing high performing teams, especially leadership teams. When leaders cultivate an environment where open and honest feedback is not only possible but expected, we learn what we are doing well, what we might do better, and where we need to improve.

The Assessment:

Built by Korn Ferry Leadership Architect (KFLA), the assessment is built on a framework of measurable skills and behaviors common in successful leaders. Fully customizable, this assessment will be tailored to align with your areas of focus. Measurement is obtained with a confidential survey of you, your manager, direct reports, peers, internal and external “customers,” and others that you select.  

The resulting report helps you answer three questions as you create a personal leadership practice:

  • What do my team, my clients, and those in my span of care need from me?
  • What key leadership behaviors are people I work with noticing?
  • What should I focus on to unleash my highest leadership potential?

One-on-One Coaching:

Meet with a Chapman & Co. executive coach after the assessment to debrief the results and create a personalized path to highlight strengths and close gaps. As a sounding board, we’ll help you understand how you see yourself and how others might interpret that. Our coaches will use guided dialogues so you can respond to recurring or new challenges, regardless of whether you are senior in your career or just starting out.

Intended Audience: Current leaders

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