Include: Rethink Diversity in the Workplace


Go Beyond Awareness to Impact

Training people on our differences and biases is one thing. Our Include course goes further. We focus on the behaviors that drive connections and relationships. Relationships between people are at the core of inclusive, productive work environments, regardless of the demographic make-up of your people. It’s in relationships where trust, understanding and empathy thrive.


Beyond this Moment

We sit at a moment in history where employees and communities are looking to business leaders to show a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. That is certainly reason enough to take action. But there are many other reasons as well. Organizations that dedicate time and resources to Diversity and Inclusion have:

  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Lower turnover
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased creativity & innovation
  • Increased organizational flexibility and adaptability
  • Stronger talent attraction & retention


A New Way to Think About Diversity & Inclusion

Chapman & Co. understands that meaningful change doesn’t happen in organizations from traditional training alone. It happens when people’s needs are understood and when they embrace a shared purpose. That’s why we partnered with thought leader and experienced diversity and inclusion consultant, Fred Falker, to develop a different approach to inclusion build on that understanding.


Activating Include in your Organization

Our class Include, was designed for meaningful interaction and sustainable change. It is meant for employees and leaders at all levels. Available both in person and virtual, 2-hour (line employees), 4-hour (leaders of people), and full day (senior teams) durations.


  • Implement practical, long-term inclusivity solutions
  • Model new ways of communicating for others in the organization
  • Take personal responsibility for building a more inclusive environment
  • Use listening and recognition skills for better communication and collaboration


Beyond Include

The Include course is a powerful place to begin change in your organization. Here are some of the ways we help organizations go further to develop fully engaged, inclusive leaders and cultures:

Assessments & Focus Groups

To create solutions, it is critical to begin by letting your people be heard. This allows you to understand the strengths and needs of your current workforce and culture.

Inclusion Strategy Development & Activation

We’ll partner with you to develop a collaborative Diversity and Inclusion strategy. It will include communications, employee engagement and a playbook for change. Your strategy will be linked to key business objectives and be measured by outcomes not by activities.

Inclusive Leader Learning & Coaching

We offer a customized learning program to develop inclusive leaders. We equip them with the competencies needed to meet the challenges of this changing world of work.

Inclusion Advisors

We offer expert counsel on your organization’s unique Diversity and Inclusion needs —from recruiting and partnerships to community engagement and developing employee initiatives.


Upcoming Dates: Include Virtual Class (4 Hour Session) November 9, 2020


Inclusion Resources for Your Team




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