Include: Rethink Diversity in the Workplace


We are not now nor have we ever been divided by differences; rather we are emotionally separated from one another by cultural distance. -Fred Falker

Organizations with inclusive cultures are eight times more likely to achieve their goals and have better decision-making within teams. However, according to the Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM), just hiring a diverse workforce doesn’t automatically translate into having an inclusive culture. It’s something that needs to be built intentionally; just increasing awareness of the diversity is not a solution. Building an inclusive work environment requires a focus on both the mindset and the behaviors. 

This is where Include comes in. Chapman & Co. partnered with thought leader and experienced diversity and inclusion consultant, Fred Falker, to develop a fundamentally different approach that goes beyond unconscious and implicit bias training. Instead of focusing on the differences between people, Include focuses on the distance between people and the behaviors that drive connection regardless of the demographic make-up of your team, department, or organization. Relationships between people are at the core of inclusive environments. And it’s in the relationships between people where trust, understanding, empathy, and compassion thrive.


  • Assess how you approach or distance yourself from others
  • Learn the skill of curiosity and acceptance to strengthen empathy 
  • Use listening and recognition as acts of inclusion
  • Be inspired to take personal responsibility for building a more inclusive environment

Intended Audience: All employees

Duration: Available in a half or full day format. Offered in-person and virtually.

Upcoming Dates: Include Virtual (4 Hour Session) July 16th, 2020

Include Facilitators: Matt Whiat, Founding Partner; Sara Hannah, Founding Partner; Jami Dix, Client Engagement Leader; Fred Falker, President at Falker Consulting Group

Inclusion Resource for Your Team: Caring Conversations Guide


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