Employee Focus Groups


Hearing stories of what actually goes on in your business can unlock key insights. Whether you are in a period of growth and change, launching a newly created vision for your organization, or inspiring your employees to live out well-established values, it’s important to first solidify your current perspective of the organization and allow people to address concerns.

Traditional engagement surveys may be able to provide facts and figures but focus groups can provide a more complete picture of an organization, giving important context. This is an opportunity to humanize your engagement survey and receive a holistic report of your organization. Our facilitators will host and guide groups through focus groups for one hour, using customized questions designed around your most pressing concerns.

Once finished, Chapman & Co. will categorize themes from all focus groups and provide a report that covers areas of strength and areas for improvement, actionable stories that can help you move forward, and a plan explaining steps on how to improve your corporate culture.


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