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    Loyalty Assessment  

    If there was untapped benefit to gain from your existing loyalty program, would you know? And if you don’t have a program yet, how do you know if investing in one makes sense? We can help you find the answers you need through an expert-led analysis of your business’s loyalty maturity, your current customer engagement strategy effectiveness, gaps you need to address, assets you are underutilizing, and the potential ROI of taking action on improving customer retention and growth.

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    Loyalty Program Design  

    Launching a new loyalty program can be a daunting consideration. Once your program is in market, you will want it to run effectively for years, therefore, it's critical to get it right from the start. Our design process will lead you through the key considerations of a great loyalty program: your key value proposition, tiering and segmentation, currency and rewards choices, messaging, and – most critically – the business case for loyalty.

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    Loyalty Design Lab  

    Determining the right approach to loyalty can be much easier when you find ways to look at your customers with new eyes. Our expert facilitators use the lenses of behavioral science and gamification to lead your team through a two-day co-creation experience. This design will challenge you to completely rethink your possibilities for customer engagement and lay the framework for your new loyalty experience.

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    Customer Growth Survey  

    Sometimes analyzing customer behavior is not enough to drive retention and growth. That’s when understanding the “why” behind behaviors becomes critical. Our loyalty experts will provide the primary research tools to better understand what your best customers are looking for in your loyalty experience. Additionally, connected the dots on how your culture and employee engagement is helping or hindering your customer loyalty objectives.

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