Customer Growth Survey


The greatest growth opportunity for your business is with the customers you already know.

Sometimes analyzing customer behavior is not enough to drive retention and growth. That’s when understanding the “why” behind behaviors becomes critical, which is precisely what our survey is designed to do.

Are your culture and employee strategies helping or hindering your customer loyalty objectives? Which segment of customers have the most potential for growth? Do your customers intend to make any significant changes to their purchasing habits? What type of loyalty is currently the most active, and which is the most underutilized? Find out from the source.

Utilizing a balance of behavioral and data science expertise, our team of experts will identify trends, opportunities, and priorities that will aid in your business’s journey to increase customer loyalty. Seeking input directly from your customers and clients not only will help you more precisely deliver on their needs, but it will also showcase that you value their point of view and hold a desire to build a deeper relationship – an act that builds trust, which is foundational to loyalty. This survey offers a turnkey solution to extract rich insights from your audience while you stay focused on running your business.

What you will do:

  • Work with Chapman & Co. to align on project goals
  • Provide access to any pertinent data or personnel that will help inform the survey design
  • Provide contact list of your target audience (customers or prospective customers)
  • Attend project meetings including kickoff, survey greenlights, and final presentation
  • Ask as many questions as you like

What we will do:

  • Conduct a high-level assessment, including a review of past projects of similar nature, relevant data, and stakeholder interviews
  • Lead the authoring of the survey
  • Field the survey and facilitate the response collection process
  • Evaluate survey results, pull out key findings, and make recommendations on areas of focus
  • Answer as many questions as you have


A clear vision for how your business will improve its customer experience in order to deepen relationships and strengthen brand loyalty



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