Conference Design and Facilitation


Organizations often hold team, department and company-wide meetings for various reasons. These events usually require a significant investment for the organization with costs for travel, lodging, event spaces, food and beverage, AV services, gifts – and your people’s time. Often, the actual content and the plan for how you want people to think, feel, and behave after the event is left until the last minute with a lack of thought to adult learning styles and how the information is presented. With our consulting and facilitation for your next meeting, inspire your team and create an environment for motivation as you launch a vision, generate dialogue around next year’s strategic plan, engage leaders in critical focus areas, provide skills training, or simply reconnect as a team.

According to the National Training Laboratory, the percentage of information new learners retain in a lecture format is 5%. Engage your audience in active practice and that percentage skyrockets to 75%. What if the best parts of your next event weren’t just the location, food, drink and entertainment? If the goal of your event is to go beyond just sharing information, and your people leave informed and inspired about their work, Chapman & Co. can help. From content design to full-service facilitation, we partner with you to apply adult learning principles to your event, ensuring the time you spend together is time well spent.


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