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TalentTelligent: Talent Development Tools

Promoting and acquiring staff is a difficult decision. Placing people where they’re best suited to use their strengths and help your company grow is the key to running a successful business.

So, how do you know where to place employees, or which candidate to recruit?

Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute has partnered with TalentTelligent, a talent management firm specializing in data collection and analytics to take the guesswork out of finding qualified candidates during the recruitment process, giving organizational managers an edge on recruitment and staffing.

What is TalentTelligent?

TalentTelligent offers real-time feedback through skills assessments, pre-employment tests, and job performance evaluations designed to find employees with the soft skills, personality traits, and communication skills best suited to the specific job you need to fill.

With Chapman & Co. talent assessment tools, your hiring managers can improve the hiring process, saving time and building confidence in your staffing choices.

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What Do Talent Assessment Tools Measure?

Quite simply, our tools consist of comprehensive skills tests designed to assess candidates’ suitability for a given role. These tools include cognitive ability testing, specific aptitude tests, and evaluations to determine whether a candidate is a good cultural fit for your organization. Our toolkit provides quick data-driven insights designed to give your hiring managers an in-depth quantifiable method for choosing the right candidate for the right position.

What Are the Benefits of Talent Skills Assessments?

Save Time

Finding the right candidate for an open position takes time. The longer the position remains unfilled, the longer your other employees will need to endure without the added function and expertise that the position provides. Talent assessment tools give you a much deeper look at a candidate than just what they’ve put on their resume. This enables your organization to make a quick decision with data insights as to whether a candidate is the best fit for a position so that your team can get back up to full capacity faster.

Save Money

Recruiting is expensive. The longer a position goes unfilled, the more money and resources are needed to successfully recruit a candidate. Chapman & Co. talent assessments help you match candidates to the correct position so you can recruit with confidence, saving money in the process.

Increase Employee Retention

A position filled with an unsuitable candidate is a recipe for disaster. Not only will the total potential of your organization be diminished, but you increase the risk an employee will seek work elsewhere. Our tools ensure the candidate doesn’t just have the skills to perform their duty, but they are a good cultural fit for your business as well.

Decrease Time to Peak Efficiency

Training new hires takes time. During this time, a new employee is typically less efficient in the position until they are fully trained. If a candidate lacks some of the necessary skills to fill the role in the first place, they may need to be trained even longer, or worse, you could develop an employee retention problem where you can’t keep candidates long enough to fully train them in the role in the first place. Using TalentTelligent’s hard data, you can pick candidates who are best suited to the position, potentially decreasing training times and the time it takes for your team to reach full efficiency.

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