Include (Virtual Class)

  • DATE: August 20, 2020
  • TIME: 12:30 PM CDT | 4 Hours
  • COST: $50

All registration fees collected for this Include course are benefiting Affinia Healthcare Foundation. Affinia Healthcare provides essential services to patients regardless of their ability to pay. If you are in a position to contribute more, there is an opportunity to add an additional donation to the $50 registration fee. Learn more here about how your contribution will support those most vulnerable in our community through primary medical, dental and behavior health care.

Training people on our differences and biases is one thing. Our Include course goes further. We focus on the behaviors that drive connections and relationships. Relationships between people are at the core of inclusive, productive work environments, regardless of the demographic make-up of your people. It’s in relationships where trust, understanding and empathy thrive.

We understand that meaningful change doesn’t happen in organizations from traditional training alone. It happens when people’s needs are understood and when they embrace a shared purpose. Chapman & Co. has partnered with experienced inclusion consultant, Fred Falker, to offer an inclusion approach built on that understanding.

Course Modules:

  • Awareness of self and others
  • Trust and psychological safety in effective teams
  • Our individual reaction to differences
  • Understanding unconscious bias: what is it, where it comes from
  • The fundamental skills of listening and its role in building inclusive relationships, teams, and cultures
  • Behaviors that encourage and discourage inclusion in the workplace
  • Recognition and celebration as an act of inclusivity

Intended Audience: All employees

Duration: 4 Hours

Cost: $50 registration fee donated to Affinia Healthcare Foundation.

Facilitators: Matt Whiat, Founding Partner; Sara Hannah, Founding Partner; Jami Dix, Client Engagement Leader; Fred Falker, President at Falker Consulting Group

Participant Comments: 

“It enabled and empowered me to look at inclusion and diversity in a new and insightful way.”

“A refreshing take on how to create a culture of inclusion in any environment.”

“Each piece had a purpose so today was well done. I usually can’t sit this long but due to the engagement and skills taught, the day flew by. Awesome job!”

“It’s deeper and more inclusive than any other diversity and inclusion training I’ve been to.”


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