How to Improve and Scale Organizational Culture

  • DATE: February 20, 2020
  • TIME: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CST
  • COST: Free

What if you were in business to care for people on life’s journey? And what if that business was 130,000 people strong and served 500,000 people each and every day? What if your economic model existed in the most complex of ecosystems?

If all those things existed, you’d be an airline. But you wouldn’t be just any airline. You’d be American Airlines, the largest in the world.

But what if you looked at the responsibility of leading your people as more than just operating an airline? Because if your job is to care for people on life’s journey, it starts with those in your span of care first.

The benefits of a strong organizational culture are numerous: improved financial performance, great customer service, engaged employees, more effective teams, higher employee retention, and increased innovation. These results that improve corporate culture (drive cultural change) are all created by a fulfilled workforce. And employee engagement (fulfilled employees) turns a corporate culture where people are afraid to ask questions, take chances, or ask for help into one with improved communication and better relationships. The Fortune 100 Best Places to Work proves this — those on the list outperform the S&P 500 by almost 60%. However, this is easy to say and hard to do.

In this webinar, hear Sara Hannah, Managing Partner at Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, interview Thomas Rajan, Managing Director of Global Talent Strategy and People Development at American Airlines. Thomas will share the complexities, successes, and challenges of creating and scaling a culture that cares for people and delivers performance.

About Thomas Rajan

We could start with Thomas’s bio, but if you want to get the essence of who Thomas is, we want to start here. A citizen of the world, Thomas’ parents moved from India to the United Arab Emirates where he was born, and later emigrated to the United States. Thomas’s first job was as a gate agent with America West Airlines. After completing his MBA at Harvard, he worked at McKinsey and then in strategic leadership development at the Boys & Girls Club of America. Thomas then returned to his roots in the airline business and now serves as the head of global learning and development at American Airlines. Thomas and his wife Keerthi have their lives (and hands) full with three adventurous and curious boys.

About Sara Hannah

Now more about the interviewer. Hailing from Alaska, Sara worked in Washington University’s office of admissions after attending school there. She then began her career at Barry-Wehmiller. Sara created the sales incentives programs for the business and founded the internal university for BW employees before co-founding the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute. She now serves as Managing Partner and works with clients around the world to align people culture and business goals.

Duration: 1 hour interview with questions from the field

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