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Culture is your competitive advantage.


Create a strategic vision, enhance your customer experience, engage employees, improve corporate culture, and develop outstanding leaders.

Our approach is personalized and we succeed only when you do. We are practitioners, a business built to share the culture transformation of our parent company, Barry-Wehmiller, and learnings of our CEO Bob Chapman with businesses around the world. Chapman & Co. connects leadership training, assessments, and workshops with you, the organizations who care about their corporate culture. You are the company we keep and our focus is the company in your care.

We listen to your specific needs to deliver both innovative custom solutions as well as off-the-shelf, turnkey materials. Our specific and actionable solutions result in a thriving business that impacts not only performance but people’s lives. Our philosophy creates opportunities for you to leave behind an organization you can be proud of. We work to build organizations we would want our children to work for one day.

  • Improve Corporate Culture

    Corporate Culture  

    Every organization has a culture. Some built by intent, others by accident. We believe that building a strong company culture has a direct relationship with business outcomes. A thriving corporate culture has the power to increase retention, improve customer service, and develop more engaged employees loyal to your business.

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  • Engage Employees


    Find out what happens when a company looks beyond employee engagement and instead focuses on inspiration. We train company leaders to go beyond engagement and instead create an environment where everyone is inspired to do better work with better business outcomes.

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  • Develop Outstanding Leaders

    Outstanding Leaders  

    Oftentimes organizations promote the best doer to lead others doing the same work. However, these newly promoted leaders are not told their job has fundamentally changed. To the age-old question, “are leaders born or made?” we say neither. They’re developed.

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  • Create a Strategic Vision

    Create a
    Strategic Vision  

    Research shows that 97% of strategic plans fail. We have a different approach. One that answers the questions: How do you avoid pet projects? How do you have an objective filter for decision-making? And how do you build a plan your people are inspired by and can execute?

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Inspire 130,000 team members at the world’s largest airline with a redefined purpose.

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Increase engagement scores and inspire teamwork across siloed departments.

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Address cultural toxicity within areas of the organization.

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We’re on a mission to work with organizations who want to be a great place to work for the current and future generations.
Join a diverse group of Fortune 500 companies who we’re proud to call our clients.

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