Loyalty Assessment


If there was untapped benefit to gain from your existing loyalty program, would you know? And if you don’t have a program yet, how do you know if investing in one makes sense?

Chapman & Co. can help you find the answers you need through an expert-led analysis of your business’s loyalty maturity, your current customer engagement strategy effectiveness, gaps you need to address, assets you are underutilizing, and the potential ROI of taking action on improving customer retention and growth.

Loyalty programs are a powerful tool. If you have one, our team will review its performance across a variety of disciplines – the rules structure, rewards mix, communication channels, segmentation, referral considerations, and many more – to ensure it is being properly optimized.

If your business does not have an explicit program, no worries – not every company needs a loyalty program, but every company does need a loyalty strategy. We will tailor our engagement to assess the existing customer experience, starting with identifying what type of loyalty customers are currently giving your business. By the end of the engagement our team of loyalty specialists will identify the existing elements in your brand experience that are most successfully driving loyalty, areas that are lacking support, and if it would make sense for your business to launch a more formal market-facing program.

Chapman & Co.’s Loyalty Assessment is about one thing – identifying the best way for your company to create and engage with passionate, permanent brand advocates. If that is a priority for your business, let’s talk more.



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