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Benchmarking Tour


Visit one of the facilities of our parent company, Barry-Wehmiller. This experience is a combination of tours, dialogues, and hands-on learning experiences. It’s designed so that you can return to your organization with ideas you can implement on day one. It’s also an opportunity to get a benchmark for your own initiatives, so you can know where to start and what your ultimate goal might look like. What is the goal? To turn your questions and ideas about people, culture and improvement from theory to reality, so you can not only see potential but make it happen.

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Purpose and Values Workshop


Does your company have a purpose beyond profit? It may seem to be an irrelevant question but 79% of surveyed business leaders believe that an organization’s purpose is central to business success. And yet 68% shared that purpose is not used as a guidepost in decision making. Companies who both define and act with a sense of purpose outperformed financial markets by 42% and 79% of consumers say they’re more loyal to brands with known purposes. We will work with you to define a purpose beyond a product or service and the values to inspire your people towards a common objective.

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Strategic Planning


While occasionally considered simply a financial exercise, our approach to strategic planning brings your cultural focus in alignment with your business goals for one unified strategy. Designed to give you clarity and prioritize what’s most important to operate successfully, we work with you to design both a plan of action and filter for decision-making. Approximately 90% of organizations fail at achieving their strategic plan. The solution lies in a better process and better deployment. Our methodology includes both.

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People Development Design Workshop


Building an integrated approach to culture and people development requires first understanding the path your people currently take. We use Design Thinking to co-create a visual map of your organization, from intern to CEO, that allows you to assess your strengths and opportunities for greater leverage. Making your process visual allows you to have greater confidence in where to start, better understand what’s working today, and get started on what you need to implement in the future.

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Conference Design and Facilitation


Most companies plan an annual event to bring their team members together. On average, 40% of the budget is spent on food, beverage, and A/V. While important to an enjoyable experience, these are investments that do not directly relate to impact after the event. We work with you to employ instructional design methodology, ensuring you reach both the stated goals for the time you are together as well as sending people home knowing how to implement what they’ve learned. This begins by aligning each event element to what you would like people to think, feel, and do when the event is over.

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