(Re)Play: Rapidly Adapt to the Changing Game

  • DATE: Tuesdays
  • TIME: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT
  • COST: Free

We’ve asked thousands of leaders from all over the world to predict what their organization will look like in a post-COVID19 world: better, worse, unknown, or the same. Universally, less than 5% think their business will be the same. Organizations are quickly evolving to exist inside the new future of work caused by the pandemic. While the working world is collectively re-imagining how to serve customers and deliver value, we also lead teams who must remain resilient and quickly adapt to face what’s needed right now. Those that will thrive will not run after the ball but position themselves where the ball is going to be. 

Yet, research shows the majority of change efforts fail. The main reason? Not technology, not software, not even the wrong plan or strategy. The main reason for failure is the human element – 70% of the time. With the post-COVID19 world being so undefined, companies don’t need a change management program, they need a change-ready culture.

The result? Efficient operations that can innovate and tap into the very best of their team’s talent.

This curriculum is written for leaders at every level, all generations, cultures, and industries. Regardless if you’re a fan of cricket or baseball, football (US) or football (The World), we’ve got you covered. Feel free to sign up for one event or the entire series.

Our events are highly interactive (and entertaining!) and have earned an average Net Promoter Score of 70+. There is no fee and no limit to the number of seats for your organization.

Facilitators: Sara Hannah, Managing Partner; Matt Whiat, Founding Partner

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