Interview with Barry-Wehmiller's Chief People Officer

  • DATE: April 23, 2020
  • TIME: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT
  • COST: Free

Barry-Wehmiller is a capital equipment manufacturing company with roots dating back to the 1880s in Saint Louis, MOIn its current form, the organization is made up of over 100 acquisitions and cares for over 12,000 team members in 200 locations throughout the worldIts performance over the last 30 years is impressivethe company’s revenue growing at 18% annually

However, the reason for the company being featured in a case study at Harvard Business School and having a New York Times Bestselling book, Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People like Family, goes beyond its financial success. With an unrelenting and purposeful focus on people, Barry-Wehmiller represents an iconic organization in the conversation of business being a force for good in our societies today.  

Behind all this success is the visionary President and CEOBob Chapman. However, ideas without structure or the ability to scale are called dreams. This is where Barry-Wehmiller’s Chief People Officer, Rhonda Spencer, comes in. Rhonda translated Bob’s theory and ideas into implementation and created a team poised to do so well into the future. Without replacing the people or draconian measures, each acquisition is invited and inspired into the culture of the parent company, Barry-Wehmiller.

The resulting track record? Unheard of. The organization has never sold an acquisition.  

In this webinar, hear Rhonda describe Barry-Wehmiller’s formula for cultural success despite organic and rapid acquisition-based growth. With an eye to practical solutions and inclusive decision-making, Rhonda will share the success, the failures and the moments that matter in a career of inspiring people to a greater purpose. If your organization is going through change, growing, experiencing an acquisition or merger, or you want to know more about the power HR can bring to bear in your organization, please join us for this webinar.   

About Rhonda Spencer

An engineer by trade, Rhonda Spencer began her career within the consulting arm of Barry-Wehmiller and soon moved into the role as Vice President of North American Sales at the age of 27. Soon thereafter, she was asked to transform the traditional manufacturing firm’s culture into the vibrant people-focused environment that exists today. As Chief People Officer, Rhonda oversees the internal Barry-Wehmiller University, continuous improvement initiatives, sales motivation programswell-being and safety initiatives, team member benefits, recruiting efforts, and the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute consultancy group. Rhonda enjoys ice fishing while listening to 80’s heavy metal, Scrabble in languages she doesn’t speak, and being a mom to her two children. Just one of the previous three items are actually true.    

About Matt Whiat:

Matt wrote the last linein Rhonda’s bio. That should tell you enough about him. Additionally, he hails from Southern California and spent over 20 years in the US military as an officer with various commands, responsibilities, and deployments. As one of the founding partners of Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, Matt consults with organizations around the world in a variety of industries to bring cultures that perform through the care of people into existence. He has graduate degrees in international relations, finance, and management. He excels in ice fishing, Scrabble in languages he doesn’t speak, and misses his pet monkey from his United Nations assignment in West Africa named Jack. Just one of the previous three items are actually true.    

Duration: 1 hour interview with questions from the field

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